Summer is here, offering an opportunity to take stock of the last few months of adaptation, agility and changes – accepted less willingly by some than by others.

One thing is clear: everywhere you look, a new age is dawning in the world of management, with positive impacts on our ways of working, producing and collaborating.

We take a positive view of these changes, which we are feeling, experiencing and living through alongside our customers and partners. The market is bursting with new managerial trends that deserve to be defined more accurately. Managing today is about doing things differently and adapting our working methods. It is also about moving more quickly as required by situations, adopting alternative structures for your teams and sites, managing what happens in person, etc. You have to be in tune with the vital ecosystem and with your teams’ needs. A colleague wants to do their work poolside? Why not? Ensuring that they have a good work/life balance could improve their performance!

And that is all the more necessary since these are the sorts of new profile available to recruit.

To that end, it is imperative to support managers and give them leadership training. It is a crucial job that is sometimes misunderstood; the view of the manager as simply “the boss” is outdated and stereotyped. They are the ones who provide inspiration and take responsibility. The more authentic a manager is, the more they will be respected. Ultimately, they must be people who create an environment, provide motivation, improve staff’s well-being and establish something lasting.

We are no longer alone in daring to take up a management style other than the one we have always used!

What about you – are you ready?