In the journey of life, we often meet individuals who leave an indelible mark on our lives. It’s not just their personality that touches us most, but also what they do; their actions. It wasn’t long before I encountered such individuals.

Nachson and Arieh Mimran epitomize the meaning of the word humanity. Young, smart, lively and vivacious, they are extremely talented humanitarians and entrepreneurs. Having spent most of their lives travelling in West Africa in places like Dakar, Senegal and Ivory coast, They have been actively helping others through his philanthropic work.

Mimran’s philanthropic work includes funding the development of education for disadvantaged children along with health, sports, and other initiatives.

They have the ability to find time for every person regardless of their ethnic or cultural background. They care for people with a vision in mind, foreseeing a better future ahead. Most importantly, They are tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues and unlocking the incredible human potential in some of the least developed nations.

Through their philanthropy, Mimran’s brothers have been helping children gain the right to education, they have also been backing women’s and girls’ education along with other initiatives like supporting refugees. Their generosity in helping others has touched me most, and it teaches us a lesson to lend a helping hand to others regardless of their cultural, ethnic or social standing.

I am definitely thankful to encounter individuals like Mimran’s brothers, and I am delighted to support their work related to refugees and the development of Africa through our Axis philanthropic initiatives at Ampersand World. To learn more about Nachson and Arieh Mimran follow his charitable adventures around the world on Instagram, or on !