They experienced Ampersand World and felt the difference. We are proud to share with you some of the testimonials we received.


“They are real pioneers who know how to surprise their community through the different services they offer. AW has an established brand image and is well-known on the market.”
Michel Zumstein, Executive Vice President at Lombard Odier

“Constructive and innovative.”
Richard Evrard, Global Head for Trade & Structured Trade Finance at Mercuria

“Ampersand World network provides answers to lots of questions, needs and requests. They are a staple of the Genevan trading community and landscape.”
Hugo Rousse, General Manager at Wilhelmsen Shipping Services

“They have a vision for their clients and ambition for their candidates. I can see them becoming a well-established name in the field.”
Kikka Harrison, Energy Risk and Compliance Professional

“I don’t see Ampersand World as a recruitment agency, but rather as a career consultancy and a business partner. I like their energy and drive!”
Sébastien Henry, Grains & Oilseeds Trader At  Ameropa

“I can count on your discretion and follow up. Also, something that makes you stand out is your holistic approach to talent management and that you really understand the markets you serve.”
Alessandro Sanos, Market Development Manager, Risk & Enterprise, Europe at Thomson Reuters

“Beyond the recruitment part, we exploit all possible synergies between our two companies. You are doing things that the others are not doing.”
Marc Poyet, Member of the Board and CFO at Riverlake

The staff at Ampersand World are always helpful when you need them and always appropriate in their research. They just send you the “crème de la crème” without wasting your time by sending you too many profiles.
Carine Cohuet, HR Business Partner- Trafigura

“Personal and original: Personal because AW has always been available to discuss, share and liaise with me and original because I have the impression that AW has been with me, and me with them, from the beginning.”
Thibault d’Huart, Executive Director – Tropicore

“This entrepreneurial, risky and innovative approach is great. I’m very confident with the concept.”
Charles Thiemele, CFO Concord Energy

“Talking to people who are experts in their field allows me to exchange on business matters. Their efficiency and discretion allow me to recommend them to my contacts without hesitation.”
Christophe Gouteux, Sales Director at Next Maritime

“I appreciate their professionalism and the ease of communication and confidence there is between us.”
Tatiana Kurganova, Oil Trader & Business Developer, Russia

“An enriching relationship with fair exchanges that helps us both growth.”
Andy Marko, Negotiation Expert, Inspirational Speaker, Board Member

“Ampersand World very quickly understood my requirements, submitting relevant candidates. The team drive and energy, as well as innovating and different approach are much needed as it was lacking on the Geneva market.”
Muriel Sefta, Head of the Commercial & Finance Corporate Company Secretarial Division at Trafigura

“Initially, we did a lot of our recruitment in-house, but more recently I have had the opportunity to work with AW and I must say that I have been impressed by their speed. They are highly professional and have a huge amount of expertise. Talking to partners who understand the ins and outs of the business is critical and I highly recommend them!”
Ariane Sicilia El Saïd, HR Manager at Neste Oil

“For an HR department, it is vital to recruit and supply the best people at any given moment and in record time. It’s no surprise that the success of any organisation depends on it constantly adapting its employee services to fulfil its business objectives. Outsourcing recruitment to a well-connected, reliable partner that understands the business is a key investment and that’s exactly what I found at Ampersand World.”
Caroline Wieland, HR Specialist

“Rewarding, constructive and complementary. I really like Ampersand’s philosophy and the value it places on the individual. This is what allows us to create variety and build bridges between different fields, by always placing humans at the centre of these synergies.”
Gaëlle Hennet, Chief Editor – Sur la Terre, lifeytyle magazine

“As a friendly partnership. Ampersand World has brought in clients, but beyond that, it has also brought a human dimension to my everyday work. I have truly felt that my contacts at Ampersand World were my own colleagues. I like the dynamics at Ampersand World and their way of moving forwards, I have really enjoyed working with them.”
Didier Zemp, CEO Tailored Relocation

“It is interesting to have a player in recruitment dedicated to a specific niche such as commodity trading. It offers a real opportunity to make a difference and to provide expertise.
I’m happy to interact and share my experience and skills with you.”
Maxime Morand, Leadership and HR Consultant at Provoc-Actions

“I am full of admiration for the success of her business.”
Nicolas Carliez, Managing Director at Inchcape Shipping Services

“We have an excellent relationship that is focused on the long term. Whenever I am asked for advice on an issue relating to recruitment, partnerships or market information, my initial reaction is always to get in touch with AW!”
David Fechoz, Oil Derivatives Broker at Starfuels

“The culture at Ampersand World is very similar to that found in the world of commodity trading. What I particularly like are their human values. Head-hunters are normally just like trading firms, except that their commodity is people. Ampersand, on the other hand, have a very human approach, whether it’s monitoring a candidate’s progress after recruitment or the way they keep in contact and discuss ideas with you. They’re real perfectionists, and that’s not so easy to find these days…”
Daniel Ndiaye, Director of the first African Master’s Degree in Oil Trading & Business Development Manager at Philia SA, Oil Trading Company

“I like Ampersand World’s energy. You get a real sense of their diversity – they have a great approach! The team is young and dynamic and that makes you want to work with them. It’s not just about recruitment; what they offer is a much more comprehensive service and they are always ready to innovate and try new things.”
Jessica Silberman, Human Resources Director, CHS Soft Trading Company

“Ampersand World is the only company that looks at whether a candidate fits in with a company’s mind-set, its corporate culture and staff, before thinking about whether they are a good fit for the job, so you can recruit great candidates who bring significant added value to the company.”
Michael Sebag, Managing Director of Mekatrade

“We have a ‘budding’ relationship, with lots of new developments and great prospects for the future!”
Armand Ezerzer, Founder & CEO Mambo Commodities


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