The Commodities Innovation Awards 2024 make their start on the Swiss economic scene, driven by Ampersand World and the magazine 'Bilan'. This inaugural ceremony promises to bring a fresh wave of recognition within the commodity industry. These awards honor industry initiatives, bold technological breakthroughs, and strategic visions that shape the economy of tomorrow.

This year, recognition is open to companies in trading, maritime transport, and trade finance that have launched all kind of innovations between January 2023 and June 2024, these awards offer a unique opportunity to finally communicate positively on our industry.

The ceremony on October 29, 2024, which will bring together over 200 professionals, will not only be the pinnacle of sectoral recognition but also a prestigious showcase for the sector. By associating with the Commodities Innovation Awards, our industry can demonstrate their commitment to progress and change. This is also for Geneva and the world, highlighting your decisive influence on both the local and global economy.

A symbol of Swiss innovative genius.

Traditionally, our industry can seem opaque, focused on financial or logistical complexities that do not always resonate with the general public or even with our own employees. Yet, every day, simple but effective initiatives redefine our way of working, innovating, and positively impacting society. We are not looking for academic contributions or complex technical innovations, but rather initiatives that are accessible to all, similar to the CSR commitments many have already adopted and valued. It is this simplicity and direct impact that we want to highlight.

Just apply on our website with a short description of your innovation. Whether it concerns a new technological application, an improved working method, or a governance initiative, if it has made a difference and made your teams proud, we want to know. The important thing is to highlight innovations that everyone can understand and applaud.

The award categories cover various aspects of the sector, from technology to finance, including governance and human resources. These distinctions aim to recognize efforts that make our industry not only more efficient but also closer and more understandable for all. In October, we will not only celebrate major changes but, above all, the small innovations that together shape the future of our sector. These are the stories that, once shared, can transform the public’s and our own perception of our industry.

For more information and to submit your project, visit our website here.

Every story counts and every innovation deserves recognition, big or small. Come share yours and help us redefine the image of our industry.