Edouard Bourdon, an expert in structured financing, currently serves as a business developer at Gunvor Group Ltd in Singapore, playing a crucial role in the expansion and strengthening of regional operations.

His professional journey, marked by strategic positions within renowned companies such as Lukoil and Natixis, attests to his deep knowledge and unquestionable expertise, particularly in Asia. Edouard embodies values such as humility, integrity, and consistency, essential qualities in an industry where performance is paramount. He emphasizes the crucial importance of interpersonal relationships and mutual trust, fundamental pillars for navigating successfully in the dynamic world of commodities.

1- Vision and Impact: “In the grand tableau of your career, what imprint do you aspire to leave through your profession?”
In our fields where performance is the paramount criterion, my aspiration is to integrate values such as humility, ethics, and constancy into my contribution, both towards my clients and partners and within the teams I collaborate with.

2- Pride and Achievements: “Among your many successes, which one symbolizes your journey the best, and why?”
In my view, the greatest successes are measured by the relationships woven throughout our professional journey. These connections, forged in the heat of common challenges and triumphs, mirror the mutual trust patiently built. They embody the true essence of success, well beyond mere individual accomplishments.

3- Professional Destiny: “Is your professional journey the result of personal calling or seized opportunities? How has this relationship evolved over time?”
My professional journey originates from a deep calling for a sector that is both highly technical and of crucial strategic importance on the political chessboard. This path has been built on a framework of significant encounters and energetic commitment dedicated to achieving my professional ambitions. The relationship I maintain with my calling shapes and adapts itself based on the environment in which I operate, subject to constraints of two kinds:
-Endogenous: These constraints are internal to the sector, including regulations, norms, and, above all, the imperative of energy transition, a challenge that each of us must face.
-Exogenous: Mainly geopolitical, these external factors influence and shape the landscape in which we operate. The guiding thread of this journey is continuity, a fundamental principle that guides each of my actions and decisions in this complex and ever-evolving field.

4- Definition of Daily Success: “What elements characterize, for you, a professionally fulfilled and satisfying day?”
Every day, I take one more step toward my goal.

5- Talents and Potential: “When evaluating an emerging talent, what qualities or skills do you consider essential to thrive in your field?”
Curiosity. A fundamental quality, essential to thrive in our field. This curiosity is not just a thirst for knowledge but an incessant quest for understanding and innovation. It drives individuals to explore beyond established boundaries, question the status quo, and constantly seek new perspectives and solutions.

In an environment of constant change, where technical and strategic challenges are commonplace, curiosity becomes the engine for continuous adaptation and learning. It encourages embracing change, experimenting, and learning from failures. In essence, curiosity is not just a thirst for knowledge but a dynamic and open mindset, essential to navigate successfully in the complex and often turbulent waters of our sector.

6- Inspirations and Companions on the Journey: “Is there an artistic work (song, book, film) that resonates particularly with your journey or professional philosophy?”
Recently, I had the pleasure of delving into “Le Chemin des Estives” by Charles Wright, a magnificent work that allowed me to rediscover the inherent joy of the journey, of the path itself.

7- Environmental Commitment: “What is your recent personal contribution to a more sustainable future, and how does it reflect your values?”
Our professions are at the epicenter of the energy transition dilemma, a quest akin to a journey into the unknown. This transition raises fundamental questions: What goals do we aspire to achieve? What reliable and sustainable solutions can we offer? In my view, the transition comprises multiple facets, starting with our ability to reinvent our consumption patterns. It then involves improving the quality of what we consume and considering the social repercussions of the so-called “miracle” solutions. This process requires deep reflection on the long-term impacts of our current choices, to navigate wisely and foresightedly in this era of change.

8- Ampersand World’s Essence: “In one word, how would you describe the essence and impact of Ampersand World in the current professional landscape?”
A strategic partner!