I follow (Twitter), I contact (Viadeo/LinkedIn/Xing), I like (Facebook), I blog... So many exciting new ways to investigate things using Social Networks and Web 2.0!

Yet we haven’t forgotten the fundamental principles of our profession: match competencies, get candidates and companies to meet on common projects, always find the best for both parties and nurture talents in-company.


Although 2.0 opens new horizons to us, at Ampersand World we haven’t forgotten that all these new tools will never replace human contact: identifying a company’s needs and understanding a candidate’s expectations can only take place in the context of a face to face exchange, a prelude to really getting to know each other.


Professionalism, commitment, reactivity and a passion for managing human capital are manifest at Ampersand World on a daily basis. Check out our capacity to combine the virtual and real worlds on Social Networks and see just how present we are!

Professionalism, commitment, reactivity