Xavier Gomez is involved in the digital economy and especially in disruptive financial technologies (Fintech) in the field of finance. He spent more than 16 years at Credit Suisse (private banking). Xavier Gomez is a former Director in charge of investment and trading between London, Zurich and Paris. Pictet & Cie had also the chance to get him as Global Portfolio Manager and Asset Allocator. Xavier Gomez holds a certification from the MIT specialization Fintech and is a graduate of HEC Paris in Private Equity. Xavier Gomez is now founder & COO of INVYO, a company that uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to empower human intelligence with big data in Finance.

#1. What is the best moment you can remember in your career?
When I left France and my Credit Suisse “family” there to join a new team at the group’s headquarters in Zurich. I didn’t want to turn up late on my first day, so I arrived very early in the morning. To my surprise, the entire management team was already on the trading floor waiting to welcome me at 7.30 a.m.! I was also bowled over by the lengths they went to to help me integrate into the team, starting with an unforgettable skiing trip on my first weekend there.

#2. If you had to give just one piece of advice to know a junior starting his/her career, what would it be?
The sky’s the limit! Help make your dreams come true by always being ready to ask those peers you most admire for advice. Apply, test and learn!

#3. Do you have a Motto/Lucky charm?
“Who dares wins”! I like this motto because over time I have learned that I have to dare to achieve things, rather than live in fear of failure, and that the ability to resist or utilise failure is often what leads to greater success.

#4. What do you enjoy the most in your day to day job?
Although I always wanted to work in finance, I never imagined that I would be part of the finance of tomorrow, with all the technological developments and transformations the sector is undergoing with the growth of fintech solutions. These innovations will radically change finance professions, as data helps us become more efficient and new entrants shake up our business models – something that is confirmed by my daily dealings with C-level executives at financial institutions with responsibility for strategy and transformation.

#5. If you had to do it again would you chose the same career path?
Definitely! The only thing I would change would be to focus more on technological issues and innovations.

#6. Where is your favourite place on earth and why?
I have two favourite places: Argentina, for its amazing landscapes (Patagonia) and parrilla (traditional Argentinian barbecue), and Benin, which is where I come from. Despite growing up exposed to three cultures (French, African and the English-speaking world), I will always be proud of my African roots.

#7. How could you qualify your relationship with Ampersand World?
I was lucky enough to meet Penda, an exceptional woman and the founder of Ampersand World. She opened my chakras by showing me that things could be achieved by approaching them in a different way. She’s fantastic!

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