Recruiting Executives Is Another Matter Entirely and Can Go a Long Way in Shaping The Success of Your Organization: That's Why a Search Firm Proves to Be a Great Investment.

As international markets have evolved in recent years, becoming more globalized and moving towards a higher level of specialization, the value of effective leadership in organizations has increased. However, many companies that are looking for the face of their franchise are faced with a double-sided dilemma. For big companies, It is usually hard to find top executives who will make a great leader, yet it is almost impossible to be an effective manager without experience.

To identify the hidden gem the priority quality to take into consideration is the experience, whatever the price it entails. It is an invaluable commodity that means more benefits than costs for the company. When decisions need to be taken quickly and as intuitively as possible, to have expertise in the field often ends up making a difference.

If the senior candidate turns out to be the right fit, he/she will go a long way in shaping the future of the organization, providing long-term security and stability, as well.

What a Great Leader Looks Like

C-Suite executives tend to have excellent leadership skills and strong management acumen. But one trait that can allow them to make the leap is considered to be an extensive experience in the field. A thought leader usually focuses on what he/she knows best and keeps learning about the industry.

Every business is evolving and the most capable executives need to stay on top of what’s happening so that they can share and comment on trends. “You must constantly learn [about] your industry, as well as the macro forces at work in the broader economy,” said Numaan Akram, founder and CEO of Rally.

“Being a thought leader requires forward-thinking, but you must also have the discipline to study market dynamics to find patterns. From there, you can combine what you have learned, analyzing those patterns with your vision to solve real-world problems.”

Thought Leaders Are Never Done Learning

in a recent study based on in-depth conversations with over 40 senior executives from across the world, representing various international organizations, SpencerStuart found out that a big gap still exists between those who perform daily tasks and those responsible for leading them.

There are at least four barriers preventing an efficient employee from moving into a senior executive role, according to the research. Often, they include a lack of career development and soft skills. They also need solid experience and strategic thinking capability, as well as motivation to manage a team.

As regards the account area, only 10 percent of account executives have less than five years in the field. This number suggests that most companies look for account executives with experience in their industry who are committed to the position. As for IT directors, they typically have an extensive background in the field. If you want to become one, a solid knowledge base is one of the most important traits you would need to establish.

In short, it is essential that leaders have been themselves specialists in the first place. The same applies to many sectors. Not only because they need to understand the complexities and facets of the business, but because CEO, advisors, board members are more likely to listen, as they’ve been there. And it is well known that the best leaders are never done learning.

Recruiting Executives Is Another Matter Entirely

That’s why it’s no accident that most successful companies are run by experts. To be a great leader, you need the respect of your team. But you also need to have a long-term vision and humility. Often, these types of leadership qualities are the product of experience.

Professional credibility derives from three different factors:

  • Your business record
  • Your attitude to risk
  • The ability to think tactically about it.

Carrying that credibility forward into a management role is essential. You need to earn the respect of your company’s employees.

Generally, “you need to know what they are talking about. You need to have worked in the field before. You need to deeply understand your subject matter (20%) and you need to be visionary + inspiring (80%),” noted another respondent.

The Added Value of a Search Firm

The bottom line is, finding the right leaders and board member is a delicate task that is unlike any other kind of recruitment. In order to achieve that, you’d need to partner with a boutique search firm that excels in recruiting C-Level executives. Appointing a new CEO, finding a successor, or advising existing executives on their leadership and human dimension of the role are decisive phases in guaranteeing a company an exceptional future.

Most organizations ensure that investment in key people is carefully considered and delivered upon by turning to executive search firms. They offer confidentiality, specialist market knowledge, high probability of a favorable outcome, and – most of all – return on investment. Remember this: their consulting team will not rest until you have made a successful hire.