This is an interesting statistic: only 25% of the best talents are actively looking for a new opportunity, whilst 25% are not interested at all by any change in their career. The first image that comes to mind is an iceberg, floating in the middle of a sea of talents. The emerged part, the “active top talents”, seems to be the easiest part to approach… but go too fast with them, and you will meet the same destiny as the Titanic; focus on the deepest part of the iceberg, and you will drown trying to localize it.

But why should we focus, why should we choose when a full choice is not offered? If we can offer our clients 75% of the top performers, this still represents 3 times more than most of the players in recruitment propose.

We have developed different ways to approach top talents, including executive search, crossing methods to obtain better results. All our recruiters are trained to use web solutions and social media to the maximum of their potential, surpassing the virtual to assume a real role in the World of Commodities. With more than 14,000 expert profiles in our database, we are recognized as active, reactive and proactive actors in this community: we created the Talent Hub.

We are evolving through networks of experts on a daily basis, with full trust, leaving no room for amateurism and improvisation and with a reputation for credibility in our mediation. And it is from this enviable position in our sector that we can give our best to find the talents our clients are looking for: not only lines on a CV, but a spirit, a culture and values. Our aim is to help companies to recruit the talents that will make them grow tomorrow.

Our aim is to help companies to recruit the talents that will make them grow tomorrow.

Therefore, we are not trying to approach the iceberg of top talents, neither by boat, nor by diving. This iceberg is our Talent Hub and we are the ice uniting them in the middle of an ocean of talents. Do you want to be a part of it? Welcome to Ampersand World.