The future belongs to those who get up early! Snooze…snooze…snooze…snooze… No, you’re not in The Force Awakens (episode 7 of the Star Wars series). Your alarm has been blaring out for a full 5 minutes from your bedside table, exhorting you to get out of bed. You reach over, fumbling for the ‘Off’ button and lift your bleary head, before stumbling zombie-like to the bathroom. Who hasn’t had a morning like this, when all you want to do is get back into your cosy bed? Well, there’s nothing like an action plan to get your day off to a great start (and don’t worry, we’re not saying you have to make like the Frosties kid)!


Scientists have found that being a morning person can actually be good for your health. British researchers who carried out a study on sleeping habits among adults found that ‘people who stay in bed until 9.00 are more likely to be overweight and experience symptoms of depression than those who get up at 7.00.’

1/ Get enough sleep
It may seem obvious, but getting between seven and nine hours of sleep every night will make waking up easier. Keep your laptop and smartphone well out of reach to make sure you sleep soundly.

2/ Get into a routine
Try setting your alarm for the same time every morning – even at weekends. Sticking to a routine will gradually make it easier to get out of bed.

3/ Start slowly
Do you want to wake up at 7.00, but can’t manage to drag yourself out of bed before 8.00? Start by setting your alarm for 7.45, then 15 minutes earlier each day until you reach your target time.

4/ Let natural light in
A simple solution is to keep your curtains open at night-time. This will allow your body to wake up gradually as it grows lighter outside, making waking up less of a shock.

5/ Eat breakfast
You won’t shake off that drowsiness just by downing a cup of coffee. What you need is something more substantial, so why not try eggs, ham or even just a yoghurt? Choose a breakfast that will give you enough energy to get your grey matter firing…

6/ Do some exercise
There’s nothing like a jog first thing to get yourself into a routine and inject a bit of discipline into your morning!

7/ Watch ‘the best motivational video’
If you’re not inspired by the The XX soundtrack, powerful quotes and uplifting celebrity stories, then… go back to point 1!

How about you? What tricks do you use to get yourself going in the morning?