It doesn’t take long to forget the past. It will have taken just 7 years for the world of recruitment to go through its biggest shake-up, impacting on its way the whole HR world in companies. Just remember. Our desk was disappearing under tons of CVs and motivation letters, which we were manually classifying in the Database - you know the Database, that notorious cupboard which contained all the paper applications, that cupboard we were locking and hiding away from competitors and clients, representing the heart of our business.

We know that it is Internet and new technologies that have changed our world, and redistributed cards, dematerializing information, as well as its circulation and storage. Today, social media has completely transformed the job we do, giving full access to the information we used to keep jealously hidden from everybody. Yesterday, we had tons of CVs on our desks, today we have the whole world on our desks: your dream candidate is just here, on your screen… among dozens of others.


One more time, in the history of recruitment, we thought that intermediaries were going to disappear. After the replacement of faxes by emails, after job boards replaced newspapers, this time, we thought, it was done for real: HR were going to recruit without partners, having the same access as them to candidates’ information on social media.


However our job hasn’t changed. We are still here more than ever to analyze needs, advise, accompany, seek, select, identify, understand. Indeed, we are even more competent than before, more reactive and quicker too. We have had to gain real expertise in using social media and search engines, but above all, in exploiting this great tool with a clear objective: to establish our reputation, share our expertise and be identified as the partner to call to obtain the “extra”, this thing we have in our DNA and that you like so much. Because if our job has always been to select, to analyze and to redistribute information, today, what really matters is to re-position the human being at the center of the information, to make the people we know today the best employees you will hire tomorrow.