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John W. Miller is TDM’s Chief Economic Analyst, in charge of writing TDM Insights, a newsletter analyzing key issues through trade statistics. John is an award-winning journalist who’s reported from 45 countries for the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and NPR. As a staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal, he covered all aspects of global trade, including the World Trade Organization, the Doha Round, tariff negotiations, smuggling, customs, counterfeit goods, global commodities, steel and mining, USTR, the EU Commission, bilateral and multilateral negotiations, key disputes such as Airbus-Boeing, and regulatory issues across the spectrum. He is co-director of the acclaimed documentary film “Moundsville”, which has been screened on PBS throughout 2020. John is from Brussels, and is fluent in English and French.
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La résilience du commerce mondial grâce à la haute-technologie
1 year ago

La résilience du commerce mondial grâce à la haute-technologie

Le facteur clé : l’industrie logistique mondiale, qui vaut plus de 8,6 milliards de dollars annuellement, s’est avérée suffisamment résiliente. Les craintes concernant l’effondrement des “supply chain” et l’incapacité des …
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