It is not new: HR in companies is experiencing a real identity crisis. Their titles may vary from “HR business partner” to “HR Administrator”, but their main problem still remains the same: to find their place in organizations that constantly tell them they can do without them. It is therefore necessary to remind ourselves just how crucial a role they play in the running of the business.

Beyond guaranteeing the simple respect of social laws and rules, they will ensure that your company has the right level of skills, used to their full potential today, but also in anticipation of future business strategies. Companies often limit their role to contractual and administrative tasks, including payroll. This is a bit limited, as they can do much more! HR involved into Board-level decisions adopt a strategic vision for the long term, implementing skills management policies, anticipating the future needs of their organizations, and responding by the creation of continuous training systems, employee retention programs, and, of course, appropriate recruitment strategies.

Companies often limit their role to contractual and administrative tasks

Don’t forget that they will have the ability to stand back and advise you when you intuitively feel the need to enlarge or reduce the scope of your business. And more than anything, they will help you to manage an important cost center in your company, its greatest potential of success as well as its greatest risk: your employees.

In a nutshell, whatever title you decide to give to your HR people, just remember that you cannot fail in their recruitment: more than key people inside your organization, they are also real ambassadors of your Brand outside your doors… and only top performing HR will be able to attract, recruit, manage and retain your best talents!