After having refreshed your resume first, you should then take some advance preparation: turning to a recruitment team can position yourself amongst the best profiles.

Nervous about your next interview that could land you that job you have always dreamt about? After having refreshed your resume first, you should then focus on some advance preparation. You might also consider looking for a personalized advice from our recruitment team who will tell you how best to promote your personal band. This way, you’ll be able to showcase the special traits and peculiar experience that make you the ideal candidate.

If you are going to have a phone interview, prepare a detailed checklist of what you need to do beforehand. Get you resume ready. Put a pen and a piece of paper close to you. Be sure to keep a glass of water to hand. Empty the room. Prepare a follow-up thank you note – which should be similar to a cover letter, so that you can stand out amongst other applicants.

Then, put your detective hat and try to find out as much as possible about the organisation you’re applying for. Make a list of at least five key facts about the company. Performing research on the employer, company and role is by far one of the simplest and best ways to be a stand-out candidate during the hiring process.

  1. Which are organisation’s main missions and values?
  2. The kind of skills the company is looking for.
  3. Who are the key players of the organisation?
  4. News and recent events about the group.
  5. Clients, products, and service: do this in order to have a better idea of the work you’d be doing once hired.

The Key Job Interview Questions to Prepare for

Next, carefully examine the job description and make a list of your five biggest strength related to the role. Those are the skills you want to focus on during the upcoming phone interview. Finally, the most important part: write down all the questions you have to prepare for. Of course, employer’s queries can vary from case to case, but some of the following issues are very likely to come up during the interview:

  1. Tell me more about yourself and your qualifications.
  2. What major challenges did you face and how did you handle them?
  3. Why are you leaving your current job?
  4. Why do you want to work here?
  5. Why are you the ideal fit for this position?

Before dialling the phone number, ask yourself which thoughtful questions you are curious to ask the employer or the human resources manager. It’s your chance to try to get to know more about the company’s culture from an insider perspective. Or, how does one advance in the organisation? Or, what’s the most important thing to accomplish in the first three months? Or, what is a typical day like at the company?

Now that you know what to bring to the job interview and what to talk about, you’re almost ready. Practice interviewing in front of a mirror, be sure to be yourself, as authenticity is key. Prepare your clothes and relax: with such meticulous preparation you have made sure you will be on top of your game.