Talent recruitment models are shifting rapidly, as human resource managers struggle to adapt to the new digital era.

The future of work is already here, as the labour market is going through an historic change. Talent recruitment models are shifting rapidly, as human resource managers struggle to adapt to the new digital era, which is seeing a stronger affirmation of artificial intelligence solutions and the emergence of the many actors of the gig economy.

The latest Deloitte’s report on Human Capital Trends in 2019 argues that, in order to create added value as an enterprise in today’s dynamic and demanding labour market environment, organizations must reinvent themselves – with a human focus. The three main fronts on which to act are: the workforce, human resources strategies, and the organization’s culture in general.

The Future of Work: Invest in People Rather than Robots

If organizations want to align their talent, career, and learning models to the future of work, they need to think differently about their recruiting strategies. A key question that should be asked is: “Who can do the work?”. 

According to OECD’s data, the risk of automation is real. However, while technological progress makes some occupation obsolete, it also creates new jobs.

Precisely because more and more jobs will be carried out by robots and other forms of artificial intelligence, organizations must think more creatively and out-of-the-box around how humans with different, diverse backgrounds will continue to help build and grow the companies of tomorrow.

In the digital era high-skill workers will be in demand, but not necessarily graduates and PhDs from the best universities. Almost certainly, the most successful organizations will be the ones which hire people who can think outside the box and cope with even the most desperate situations.

Recruitment Will Become Even More Relevant

Within this brand-new framework, recruiting becomes even more relevant. As a human resources manager in this challenging environment, how can you be sure that your organization is efficiently tapping into multiple talent pools for your future workforce?

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One shouldn’t forget that in order to create the basis for an effective business, the company’s workforce has to reflect the organization’s role, culture and goals. In a world of work dominated by new technologies and robots, the winners will be those who know how to put humans at the centre.