As is often the case, my job brings me in contact with many different people, and I frequently meet individuals who greatly impress me and Absa Kane is one.

Above all, she is a really wonderful and elegant woman, whose commitment when faced with different tasks, especially those in the humanitarian field, I find very appealing. She possesses humility, sweetness and great generosity, and these characteristics emanate throughout all of our exchanges, to which she brings an attentive and friendly attitude.

Absa, who is based in Geneva and graduated from the Grenoble Hotel School in France, has over ten years of experience in various humanitarian activities in Switzerland. Including the Winds of Hope fight against Noma which was presided over by Bertrand Piccard, and Action Sabrina which supports children affected by cancer, along with their families.

She has been Co-President of the Swiss Red Cross Ball for almost ten years, using her talent and experience openly to support various humanitarian projects.

“After Monaco’s, our Ball is the largest in Europe, and the major sums raised are allocated to humanitarian projects which have a strong impact on forgotten illnesses on different continents, ” she says.

Absa grew up in a Senegalese family, her father is the Principal of one of the top high schools in Dakar, and her mother is a teacher and basketball player who was Captain of the Senegalese Lionnes. She lived between Dakar and Paris with her seven siblings, nevertheless she has great affection for her hometown Senegal. She also works for a major real estate investment agency group.

Ampersand World is delighted to support Absa Kane’s work for the next Red Cross Ball. If you would like to learn more or to take part in the event email us at: .